Save points are those small, white boxes with smiling faces on them that save your current position when you shoot them. Upon being shot, they will
Save Point

Save points as they appear before getting shot

frown, turn pink, their eyes will turn red, exclaim "Fuck you!", and spit a blue ball at the player. Since shooting them saves your game, getting hit by its projectile will not hinder your progress. The amount of save points throughout the game varies with the difficulty level (see the Difficulty page for details).

In the boss rush room, there is a save point with a red R on it. Like a standard save point, they save your game and briefly turn hostile, but in addition, they reset the timer and death count, and turn green boss thumbnails back to red.
Angry Save Point

Save points as they appear after getting shot

Reset Save Point

The reset save point in the boss rush room

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