In I Wanna Be The Boshy, there are 12 worlds, some of which containing secret worlds

The worldsEdit

World 1: Prehistorik 2 (Super Mario Bros. secret world)

World 2: Kirby

World 3: Cheetahmen ( secret world)

World 4: VVVVVV

World 5: Wario

World 6: Castlevania (Pokemon secret world)

World 7: Milon's Secret Castle and Metal Gear (World of Warcraft secret world)

World 8: Megaman

World 9: Kid Icarus

World 10: Ninja Gaiden

World 11: Mario Desert

World 12: Final Path

Secret worldsEdit

There are also secret worlds in boshy which have secret bosses

Secret World 1: Super Mario Bros. - This area is located at the end of world 1. You'll need the gear from World 7 to access this area. Completing this area will unlock Mario as a playable character. There are no bosses here.

Secret World 2: - This area is located in world 3, two screens after the entrance to the Mario boss battle. You'll need the cake from World 5 to access this area. Completing this area will unlock Kappa as a playable character, who is the boss for this world.

Secret World 3: Pokemon - This area is located under the water in world 6, before the screen where you enter the Vic Viper Starfighter from Gradius. On the left side of the screen is a water current, not moving and slightly lighter than the rest of the water. Under the watter are 2 buildings taken from classic Pokemon games, one for entering and the other for exiting the world. There are no bosses here.

Secret World 4: World of Warcraft - This area is located in world 7, under the screen where you get in the plane.  Completing this area will unlock a WOW orc as a playable character. The bosses in this area are the Cheetahmen and their enemies.

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